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 up your life 

Charge any device, anywhere, anytime.
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For all Devices


Find a Station


Open the plugX app and look for stations nearby in the map. Check availability and price and book a plug.

Plug in and charge


Plug in your Car, e-bike, scooter or any device, swipe on the app and charge it up!

Finish? Done!

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Once, you have charged your battery enough, swipe back. Thats it! We take care of everything else!

"Charge your device simple and easy"

We have democratized the charging infra-structure to offer you a revolutionary platform

We have created our own app and our own charging station to have one finished solution for everything. 

Charge all your devices Simple and easy

any device

"Use the existing infrastructure, that is as genius as it sounds"


Charge your devices
anywhere, anytime

"It is an Airbnb for Charging-Points. I can charge anything anywhere, which is so easy."

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No app has ever been easier to use. No knowledge is needed, just download it and become a part of it. Feel the flow and the magic of the one movement, which is going to change the way, of how we get from A to B.

Charging is not enough? Become a part of plugX

Offer your power source

Open your power source up to others and become part of the movement! No matter what kind of power source or where it is located, even flexible locations are possible

Be your own business

Offer our power to others, including a parking space or other benefits into the service, and set up the pricing as you prefer. Be your own business! 

Sounds too good to be true?

Because it is. Download the App now from your App Store

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