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Good to have you on board

Below you will find our contract with the terms and conditions, regarding software licence and the interaction with your charging point. Go through it and sign up on the next page.


To earn money and become a charging point operator, you have to accept the following terms and conditions which are written down in our contract. the most important points are summarized as followed:

- The contract (and payment) starts with the approval of your charging station (24mts. contract)

- The subscription for the software licence and all the hardware is EUR 12.99

- Therefore you have control over 3 revenue streams, that you set-up yourself:

   - Price per kWh

   - Parking-/Standing fee

   - Basic rate

- Microtransactions of EUR 0.08 per kWh will be charged

- 90% of all the revenue made by Parking-/and standing fee is yours, we keep 10% for the accounting

Read the whole contract under this link

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