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How can I withdraw the money I have earned?

When creating a supplier account, you need to create a Stripe account where your earnings will be deposited automatically to your bank account at regular intervals.

Is my charging station always Public for all other people?

No! During creation, you can specify which people are allowed to access your wallbox. These settings can be customized as desired.

How many charging stations can be managed with one account?

You can manage as many stations as you need under one account. For business customers, a separate platform is provided for management.

What happens if a customer damages my charging station?

In public road traffic, the liability insurance takes effect.


PlugX assumes no liability for damage caused to wallboxes.

My charging station is no longer online, what can I do?

If your charging station is no longer accessible, this can be due to several reasons.

  1. Power connection interrupted. Is your charging station still on? If not, try to check the power supply.

  2. Internet connection interrupted. Make sure that the charging station is connected to your Lan or Wlan network to ensure that the station works without problems.

Is my income subject to tax?

Income from a charging station is taxable. This may differ between national and cantonal areas.

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